The Ordnance Clothing Factory (OCF), one of the strategic Ordnance Factory under the Ordnance Factory Board, Ministry of Defence was established during 1961 in the wake of threat in the country's security from the Northern Borders. The Ordnance Clothing Factory Workers Union was established during May 1962 as the pioneer Trade Union of the employees of OCF Avadi and it is one of the proudest affiliate of the AIDEF. The Union has completed 50 years of its existence and is celebrating its Golden Jubilee on 8th January 2013. The OCFWU is the major Trade Union of OCF Employees and is continuously winning with full majority in all the elections held including Works Committee and Canteen Managing Committee etc.,

To commemorate this occasion, the union has constructed a 2 storied community hall christened as 'OCFWU GOLDEN JUBILEE HALL'. The 10th Federal Council Meeting of the AIDEF is scheduled to take place in the Golden Jubilee Hall from 09-01-2013 to 11-01-2013. IN its 50 years of existence the OCFWU with the strength of its members and under the guidance and support of AIDEF Union has achieved many laurels which have benefitted the service life of the employees of OCF Avadi


All India Defence Employees Federation {AIDEF}, the pioneer Federation of Trade Unions of Defence Civilian Employees was established on 24th May 1953 at Kanpur by bringing unity and merging the then existing three Federations of Defence Civilian employees. AIDEF is celebrating its Diamond Jubilee on the 24th May 2013 at Khadki, Pune. The National headquarters of AIDEF is functioning from SM Joshi Bhawan, Khadki, Pune.

Today 410 Unions are affiliated to AIDEF. In all the membership verification held by the Defence Ministry, the AIDEF has secured the first position representing more than 55% of the 4 lakh Defence Civilian employees. Whatever benefits and rights the Defence Employees have achieved, it was only due to the struggle and sacrifice of AIDEF.